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Lynell Garfield

Lynell Garfield, M.S., is the Wellness Scientist and Integrated Spiritual Guide. As an Eco-Toxicologist, member of the Rainbow Tribe, Universal Spiritualist, Global Traveller, Educator, Hydrologist, Facilitator of New Moons Circles, Ordained Minister, once-upon-a-time Shaman's Apprentice, and Children's Author, she realizes there is no box big enough for the Human Spirit. She prefers to talk instead about what We BE and DO in the world, rather than allow our titles to limit and censor us. Some of her favorite things are hosting new moon circles, Health and wellness coaching, juicy forest bathing and empowering personal transformation with wellness tools and soul play. Through this reflective and contemplative presence, she creates sacred space and empowers her clients to step into Self Leadership, Self Care, and Self Love.