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Abby Jacob

I am Abby Jacob and I love yoga. I love to practice and I love to teach. This practice has been a path of self actualization, ultimately uniting me to source love. Yoga has allowed me to see myself through a higher perspective and a clear lens. Before yoga I went about my days operating from my unconscious mind and emotions. As I showed up, practiced, sweated, cried, inverted and chanted the light began to shine, true illumination came forth. What was once a cruel world was now a place of endless possibilities. What was once self limiting beliefs is now self love. What was once struggle is now ease. Thank you yoga, I am forever grateful and transformed. I earned my YTT 200 hours with Shaleah Morris at Studio Tahoe in 2014 and have been spreading the Bhakti love ever since. I challenge my students to their edge while holding a safe space for their exploration. Join me in the journey of self discovery and mastery.