We’ll be taking you outdoors for this Zen practice of balance and focus… sometimes even over the water!  It is a moving meditation that will put a sparkle in your eye and a smile on your lips.  It may seem impossible at first, but once you begin to find your slacklining legs, you’ll be truly inspired and empowered.

Slacklining is an art and it is a mediation. It takes consistent practice, and we believe everyone can slackline once the practice is understood as a reflection of your thoughts.  Every thought creates a vibration. Every fear, hesitation, or resistance is reflected through the line, and therefore the line will shake uncontrollably. When you can breathe deeply, let go of fear, and open yourself to the presence of your intention, you will relax, and therefore the line will be at ease just as your mind can be. Each lesson learned on the slackline can be reflected into how you walk in your daily life. As teachers, we hope to help you see slackening as a tool for mediation and encourage you to walk with confidence, grace, and ease on the slackline and off.

Coach Mickey; competitive athlete and Freeride Snowboard Coach. With his friendly demeanor and complete understanding for compassionate communication, he truly helps balance Laura's everlasting excitement for dreaming with his deep roots into nature as an artist. Continuously practicing his artistry as a skilled wood-worker, carpenter & builder, botanist, mountain biker, slackliner, golfer, snowboarder, surfer, frisbee golfer, AcroYogi, and performer, he is a huge benefit to the productions with Wellness Playground events and retreat.

Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Birthing Support Doula. Growing up as a competitive gymnast has helped shape her lifelong drive towards health and fitness. She embodies the beauty of trust through her life long practice of yoga, slacklining, handstands, snowboarding, mountain biking, aerials, acrobatics, and performance arts while offering whole-hearted love for everyone she meets. With extensive training at the Esalen Institute of Massage, she finds peace in connection with others. Having completed a BA with a focus in Business Administration and Public Health, she has a drive for organization and bringing the community together in frequent events and workshops. She is happy to serve the Truckee and Lake Tahoe community and has a strong focus in sharing compassionate and positive communication in her teachings.

A licensed massage therapist, Thai Yoga Practitioner, Certified AcroYoga instructor, Aerial Acrobat, performer and movement educator, Anastasia celebrates the spirit of connection, empowerment and playfulness in her life. The joy she finds in her own movement training and practice is what she teaches in her classes. Her hope is to inspire students in the same, powerful way that movement has inspired her. With gratitude and light, Anastasia brings to the Wellness Playground her love of physical challenge, inspired movement and therapeutic massage.