Aerial Yoga

Find length in your body that you never knew you had!  Relax and be held by the soft, stretchy fabric as you stretch and move through traditional and non-traditional yoga poses.

The sky is the limit with Aerial Yoga!  You’ll find support, comfort and endless possibility in this practice.  We teach you how to relax into the fabric and use gravity to help you lengthen your muscles as you focus on full deep breaths.  We move fluidly through balance, flexibility and strength poses, addressing every muscle group.  The magic of Aerial Yoga also allows us to hang upside down- to invert- effortlessly and safely to achieve amazing therapeutic benefits… and did we mention how much fun it is?!

Laura Green began her journey as a healer and teacher in 2009. She currently teaches various styles of Yoga in the Truckee & Lake Tahoe community. As a Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Birthing Support Doula, she finds a balance of giving and receiving. She embodies the beauty of trust through her life long practice of yoga, slacklining, snowboarding, aerials, acrobatics, and performance arts while offering whole-hearted love for everyone she meets. Having completed a BA with a focus in Business Administration and Public Health, she has a drive for organization and bringing the community together in frequent events and workshops. She is happy to serve the Truckee and Lake Tahoe community and has a strong focus in sharing compassionate and positive communication in her teachings. Her services offer an opportunity to reconnect with your inner light and grow the ability to heal from the inside out.

A licensed massage therapist, Thai Yoga Practitioner, Certified AcroYoga instructor, Aerial Acrobat, performer and movement educator, Anastasia celebrates the spirit of connection, empowerment and playfulness in her life. The joy she finds in her own movement training and practice is what she teaches in her classes. Her hope is to inspire students in the same, powerful way that movement has inspired her. With gratitude and light, Anastasia brings to the Wellness Playground her love of physical challenge, inspired movement and therapeutic massage.